Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza Coming in April

All of us here love gaming (or, I assume we do. But considering the nature of the site, I think it’s a safe assumption). So what could be better than just gaming? Gaming for a good cause, of course! And just such an opportunity is coming up next month. FTW Events and Calliope Games are teaming up for the inaugural Top of the World Board Game Extravaganza. It’s an evening full of gaming and helping out The Imagine Guild at Children’s Hospital.

The event is being held Thursday, April 7th, starting at 7pm. It’s being held at Seattle’s Columbia Tower Club, up on the 76th floor (which I, as an acrophobic, find horrifying, but that’s just me). Both General Admission and VIP Tickets are available. Come, eat, hang out with various game designers, play games, and win prizes! A game library will be available, but you’re also free to bring your own games as well.

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  • Johnny Walker

    It looks like these are the same guys who used to do the thing for the cat shelter on tabletop day. I went to that one last year, and it was honestly pretty sad. Place was like half empty, the food was weak, and the guys running it just had this oh well sort of attitude to those of us who got in the food line a little late only to find the food was basically gone.