TooFatLardies release Vietnam rules

Charlie Don't SurfTooFatLardies have released their Vietnam rules, Charlie Don’t Surf, and a supporting set of scenarios and campaign rules.

From their announcement:
TooFatLardies have just announced that their long awaited Vietnam rules are now available for advanced orders, with a publication date of Monday the 31st of May.

At 101 pages long these include the rules required to run company sized actions along  with a large section detailing  complete organisation and equipment data for ARVN, ANZAC, US and Communist forces.  Additionally there is an appendix on the structure of the innovative dual military and political victory conditions, a dice generated scenario system, and a force generation system to provide challenging scenarios that don’t rely on an artificial point system.

The rules have are designed to reflect asymmetrical warfare, where both sides could have very different objectives and victory conditions and uses the dual system of military and political victory conditions mentioned to represent the nature of modern counter-insurgency warfare.

The rules are Perfect bound, with full colour cover and black and white interior printed on high quality satin paper, the hard copy may be had from their web site for £15.00, the PDF version for £9 and the PDF and hard copy bundle for £19.

Additionally they are releasing a scenario and campaign supplement called “Surf’s Up” which has sixteen scenarios and a campaign system for following your commander through his tour of duty.