TooFatLardies release new Sharp Practice supplement

With Fire and SwordTooFatLardies have released a new American War of Independence supplement, With Fire and Sword, for their Sharp Practice rules.

From their announcement:
TooFatLardies have announced the release of another supplement for Sharp Practice, this once covering the AWI/American Revolution. Chris Stoesen has produced a really interesting mix of historical background and scenarios for the campaign in South Carolina after the fall of Charleston and over the summer of 1780 when the fate of the rebellion in the south was in the balance.

There are twenty-four scenarios in total, four of them comprising a mini-campaign covering the battle of Hanging Rock. The scenarios are as follows:
• Alexanders Old Field
• Bullock’s Fort
• Mobley’s Meeting House
• Brandon’s Camp
• Hill’s Iron Works
• Williamson’s Plantation
• Stallion’s Plantation
• Cedar Springs
• Gowen’s Old Fort
• McDowell’s Camp
• Captain Hampton’s Revenge
• The Siege of Fort Anderson
• Green Springs
• Wooford’s Iron Works
• The Battle of Musgrove Mill
• Rocky Mount
• First Hanging Rock
• Rocky Creek
• Carey’s Fort
• Fishing Creek

As usual with the Lardy scenario supplements, each scenario has print-out briefings for both sides, a set of background notes and a colour map of the table, and a set of umpire’s notes and list of cards required for each scenario. There are also some rule amendments to cover this particular phase of the conflict. 
The scenarios provide a really nice balance of game size, with the smallest scenarios fielding between twenty and thirty men per side, so ideal for a newcomer just starting out with the period. 
As always, this 116 pages of bumper fun can be had for just £7 in PDF format which is less than 30p (50 cents) per scenario. Another great value product from TooFatLardies.