TOG Entertainment to publish Elemental Clash: The Basic Set

TOG Entertainment are set to publish the Elemental Clash: The Basic Set fantasy card game.

Elemental Clash

From their announcement:

In ancient times long gone by, when the veil between the world of the humans and the realm of magic was thinner, almighty wizards battled each other in epic duels to determine who was the master of sorcery and arcane wisdom. Armed with a Spell book and with the aid of the enchanted Element-Stones, the sorcerers summoned fantastic Creatures and magical Spells. A wizard who had no more pages left in his Spell book would eventually have lost the magical battle of wits.

The aim of the game is to reduce the cards in your opponent’s card-deck (or Spell book) to zero by using the Spells and Creatures in your Spell book. Players take turns that always follow the same structure. For each point of damage a Player receives through Creatures or Spells, he or she puts the top card of his or her deck on his or her Discard Pile. If a player unable to draw a card, he or she loses immediately.

T.O.G. Entertainment Inc is proud to announce that it will be publishing the fantasy Living Card Game, Elemental Clash: the Basic Set by Andreas Propst. Elemental Clash will be released through the Distribution network in April 2011. However, it will be available for sale through the T.O.G. Entertainment Inc website beginning in January 2011

The Basic Set will consist of 60 different cards, which will be packaged in three distinct product offerings.

Starter Pack: Contains two 40 card decks, one for each opposing player. One deck will contain a combination of 15 different Earth and Water cards; while the other deck will contain 13 different Air and Fire cards. Each deck will have a variable number of 13 Creature cards; 9 Spell cards and 18 Element Stones. The Starter Pack will be packaged in a shrink wrapped full color double tuck box with Rules booklet included. The Starter Pack is an economical way to get two players involved immediately to play a game. MSRP: $17.99

Elemental Packs: There will be Four Elemental Packs, each containing 60 cards: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each Pack will consist of 15 different cards of each Element. Each Pack will have Three each of 14 different Creature and Spell cards and 18 Element Stone cards. Each Elemental Pack will be packaged in a shrink wrapped full color tuck box. MSRP: $11.99

The “Fat Pack”: This pack contains all 60 Basic Set Cards, 3 of each Creature and Spell cards plus an additional 48 Basic Element Stones of each of the 4 Elements. So you get a total of 216 cards which you can use to customize the Starter Decks further or build lots of all new, custom decks. The “Fat Pack” will be packaged in a shrink wrapped 1 Piece Game Box, 14pt full color, measuring 8.5″ X 7.5″ X 1″, with rules booklet. Additionally, The “Fat Pack” will contain one full color Player Aid Mat where players place all their cards during play. This pack is especially designed for players who want to have a card pool of all available Basic-Set cards to build custom decks right away. MSRP: $34.99

T.O.G. Entertainment Inc will be using SuperiorPOD (SPOD) for all its printing needs. By utilizing advanced Digital printing technology we can combine the Printing and Publishing capabilities of both companies to bring a more consistent, timely and superior product to the marketplace.

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Pre – Order Special: Order any one of the Starter Pack, Elemental Pack or The “Fat Pack” by January 1, 2011 and receive a special Promo card not included in any of the above.