Titan-forge show their next miniatures from their Indiegogo Campaign

Titan-forge shows off some more miniatures for their Drakskull’s Menace IndieGoGo campaign. These models already have their goal reached, so they’re just waiting to get out there to you.

From the update:

Winged Abominations and Burtz the Ghostcaller are ready! You can check them out on our Indiegogo Campaign site.

  • lordofexcess

    Cool stuff … I just have no use for em’ already having a huge orc army. Not to mention being in on 3 other kickstarter campaigns at the moment. I really hope these guys get funded though, they have some novel sculpts and seem like a good group. Ah heck I’m in for the five bucks to give em support in spirit if nothing else.

  • TomasT

    If only I had more money…