Titan-forge releases Demon Slayer Assassins

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 13th, 2011

Titan Forge has a new October Release the Demo Slayer Assassins.

From their announcement:

Hello TGN!

We have just released our new Assassin models for Demon Slayers wave. We also made a special October Deadly Deal for those who woul like to get more of them for less cash – check it out!

  • Not too bad but what the heck were they thinking with the breasts? They look like they have been made separately and fastened on with no real knowledge of how they should look…

    …putty would be needed for me to ever field something like this.

  • fattdex

    Imperial health plan covers adeprus mechanicus breast augmentation rituals for death cult veterans, praise the omnissah.

  • Sejanus

    Well aren’t those over the top…yet somehow aerodynamic, and completely unusable in most gaming settings.

  • Verminous Fang

    “Hey, I paid good money for these, there’s no way I’m going to cover them up before a battle!”

    And on clothing… Did you see the back of these models? Apparently, in the grim darkness of the far future, pants are optional. Too bad, because the quality of the scuplts seem to be pretty good.

    • KelRiever

      I do not think there are ‘no pants’ sculpted. The buckles on the sides of the legs and lines seem to pretty clearly indicate that they have extremely tight pants on . Not against Imperial protocol according to Callidus and Vindicair assassins :P.

      Anyway, yes, shirtless, probably against the Imperial code. But who cares? I mean, if you do care, just don’t get them. This is not GW official, but swappable stuff. There’s no Tzeentch flying chariot either, just a disk which the titanforge model is obviously too huge for.

      So, the hangups on sexy breasts as opposed to a gooey chariot that doesn’t quite fit I find a little off. They’ll sell them if people want them. And they look good enough to be purchased to me.

      • Verminous Fang

        Fair enough comment on rthe pants. At first look, it seemed they were wearing chaps, but after re-examining the models, you are correct. They are really, really tight pants. I’m not really againts the models themselves, they are fairly highly detailed. I’m not sure the sculptor ever saw a non-augmented breast, but I can forgive him that.

        These models also fit the mold of the “not GW” trend going on. My above comments should be taken with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Which sems appropriate with these models. 😛

  • Apparently, Asari dancer outfits have become haute couture. The figures are beautifully sculpted (if anatomically, uh, . . . problematic), but I couldn’t use them in a game with my grandson for fear of my daughter’s wrath. What stops me, though, is the cost.