Ticket to Ride world champ caught cheating

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 6th, 2014

Days of Wonder has announced that the recent World Championships for Ticket To Ride has been marred by an act of cheating. Therefore, they’ve stripped the previous World Champion of his rank and instead given it to the 2nd place finisher.


From the announcement:

Representing the USA, Kenneth Heilfron is officially declared the 2014 Ticket to Ride World Champion as the previously announced champion, Erwin Pauelsen has resigned his title.

After more that 25,000 contestants played around the world, Days of Wonder gathered the 28 National Champions in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris, France for the final stage of the Ticket to Ride World Championship tournament. After 3 qualifying rounds, the top 8 then played a succession of head to head games for quarter, semi and then championship games. Erwin Pauelsen appeared to have won the final match and was awarded the Golden Train Trophy.

However, quickly after the event ended, contestants and Ticket to Ride fans from around the world (who were able to follow the tournament live on the internet) voiced concerns about possible irregularities during the final game.

Days of Wonder closely examined the final matches and unfortunately found evidence of cheating during the 2nd game of the final. Mr Pauelsen has admitted to his dishonesty and agreed to hand back his title and trophy.

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  • thetang22

    Sorry he cheated? Probably not.

    Sorry he got caught? You betcha.

  • Tamwulf

    I wonder what he did. The game mechanics are simple enough that cheating would have to be pretty obvious.

    • AKE

      He picked up another players cards that were on the table by mistake, according to him. He admitted it after seeing the video, but blames the ref for not noticing it at the time.

      • That seems like it would have been obvious to everyone, right? I’m surprised that no one noticed during the game.