Thursday Terrain Corner

This week, to me, is just rocketing by. Though I’m in my Thursday shirt, it certainly feels like it should only be, like Tuesday or something. But no, it’s Thursday. Which, of course, means that, a week from this posting, many of us will be in downtown Indy, chest-deep into Gen Con’s first day.
… I have so much stuff still to do…
*stares wide-eyed at nothing in-particular*
… Ok, but before then, we need to make your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: War Sands: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargames, Battle at the Mummer’s Ford Added to A Song of Ice and Fire Kickstarter, Promethium Rig Added To Tubular Buildings Kickstarter, and Acheson Creations Releases next six products from Dungeon Worlds 3 Kickstarter.

War Sands: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargames

War Sands! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play on a land of sand and crumbled rocks, a desert strongly heated by the relentless rays of the sun, on a desert with no shade or shelter, where the air itself burns the lungs and scald the skin!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth
Available size: 4×6′ / 4×4′ / 3×3′ / 3×6

Battle at the Mummer’s Ford Added to A Song of Ice and Fire Kickstarter

The ‘Battle at the Mummer’s Ford’ playmat is an item exclusive to Kickstarter and Organized Play, with remaining stock available at conventions and special promotions only.

The ‘Battle at the Mummer’s Ford’ Playmat comes in two 2 x 4 feet neoprene pieces, 2mm thick, so it can be more easily stored and transported. The two pieces come together to form a single 4 by 4 feet area to enrich your ASOIF:TMG experience and features the landscape of the battle where The Mountain intercepted his enemy’s retreat and killed almost everyone, including many of Eddard Stark’s men!

Promethium Rig Added To Tubular Buildings Kickstarter

This is the promethium rig. A huge promethium platform for extracting promethium from planets. This huge model measures 52x52x52 cms and is my largest single building to date. This would make an amazing center piece to any table in a hobby room or club. It adds almost 4 square feet of extra playable area to a table and that’s only counting the top. There are Also 8 platform attached to the legs with 4 walkways connecting them.

The top has three separate rooms with plenty of space, they are on two different levels, they have loads of windows and walkways for moving around and shooting through. 8 ladders are included for moving from level to level.

This set is exclusive to Kickstarter and will not be available after 3rd Sept.

Acheson Creations Releases next six products from Dungeon Worlds 3 Kickstarter

All Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled and we are pleased to announce the next releases of our Dungeon Worlds Part 3 campaign to the public.

Included in this batch are –
Dwarven Mine End Rail section (4″x 4”). Priced at $10USD unpainted.
Dwarven Mine Gallery Entrance (4″ x 4”). Priced at $12USD unpainted.
Saurian Commanders Quarters. Priced at $30USD unpainted.
Saurian House #1. Priced at $12USD unpainted.
Pond w/ Hippo (4″ x 4″). Priced at $10USD unpainted.
Giant’s Causeway Set. Priced at $35USD unpainted.

Thank you to all our supporters for a successful Viking..Great Hall Burning…Kickstarter.

  • BDub

    With a little tubing plasticard angle-iron, and a coat of paint/rust, that rig would be a stunner.

    • chaoshead

      I was thinking the same thing…very tempted by that alone even though there are a few other buildings that are sort of cool looking.

      • DB

        You really need to air out the laser-cut boards too, once you get them. They are usually a bit whiffy. Not awful, but an unpleasant, somewhat oily burning smell lingers around them for a while.