Thursday Terrain Corner

It’s already Thursday. At least, for me, this week has gone much like last week. That is to say, it’s gone by very quickly. That’s not a complaint, mind you. However, I do need to actually figure out what I’m going to be doing with my D&D group this Saturday… I’ll just throw a dragon at them or something. They’re level 1. They can handle it, I’m sure…
But before we get to the TPK, we should make it so your gaming tables look as good as possible.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Space Sector Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Heroic Maps: The Altar of Corrosion Now Available, and Sci-Fi Modular Rooms and Map Up On Kickstarter.

Space Sector Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame


The Game Mat Space Sector is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4×6’ (122x183cm), 4×4’ (122x122cm), 3×3’ (92x92cm), 3×6′ (92x183cm), representing the scenery of a stellar field, where planets and satellites run through their orbits in the silence of space.
The Wargame Mat Space Sector offers the possibility of setting battles between fleets of spaceships in a star system where even the smallest celestial body can be a perfect hiding place for an ambush.The mat is a perfect science-fiction setting for space-field game play, ideal for moving you spacefleets into the fight! Are you ready to battle?
You can choose Space Sector printed on high quality PVC or on synthetic Cloth, its awesome graphic grants a wonderful and great-looking setting for your favourite wargames.

Heroic Maps: The Altar of Corrosion Now Available


Deep in the Bleached Lands, far from civilisation, foul gods and demi-gods made their home. Exiled there after the Mage Wars, acolytes and cultists soon followed and began to plague the land with their vile shrines and temples. One such temple was the Altar of Corrosion, dedicated to some unknown deity. The air is thick with poisonous fumes, and acid pools around the shrine, burning away anything that comes into contact. Few now worship at the Altar, although many ancient spells mention it, and so each year travellers visit the shrine, hoping to find something other than an early and painful death.

Sci-Fi Modular Rooms and Map Up On Kickstarter


I will make 20 useful room that you can digitaly download.

theses rooms are modular so you can make your own maps!

Theses room are fully populated ( no monster or characters but with furniture, computers and all )

I will also make 2 battlemaps, theses maps will be outdoor maps with grids of alien surfaces …probably equal to 2 to 4 8.5×11 each with rich details.

The artpack will be full of nice content so you can create your own room ..there will be walls , crate, a computer and objects of different styles.

Not too much objects but with the walls and doors you should be able to build basic sci-fi looking rooms.

  • Davos Seaworth

    Okay, I need the TGN community’s input here: I really like these square-based fantasy/dungeon maps (the Altar Of Corrosion map kinda reminds me of the dungeons in Skyrim,) but I’m not an RPG guy & I have trouble figuring out what games would work well with them. Does Song Of Blades & Heroes have a version you could use these maps for? Because I love ’em, but without being an RPG guy I struggle to find a use for them. Thx.

    • hvedhrungr

      It really depends on your GM: When we played L5R, we would only break out maps for large scale confrontations – either army battles or city-wide rooftop chases. Stuff where you really need to keep track of who is where doing what how quickly.
      Myth (the miniature board game) also makes splendid use of the “chessboard” layout, and I love it. But that’s not really an RPG so much as it is a board game.

      What I’m trying to say is: Do you regularly play a more strategic, calculated, methodical game where you keep track of movement, relative positioning, flanking, etc? Then these maps and tiles might add a lot to your campaign.
      Are you more into freeform storytelling, letting the game go where it goes without nailing everything down to the table? The maps aren’t going to help you with that. Might be nice to have miniatures on a grid table, but it’ll just get in the way of dice and snacks.

      That’s my view, at least. I find the maps/boards/tiles have their uses, and they make large scale engagements much more manageable than “I have four units of twelve horsemen each, they will circle around the Eastern hill and fall upon the back of the enemy archers within 3 turns”. For the usual escapades, I prefer to use my imagination.

    • odinsgrandson

      Do you mean what RPGs are these good for, or what non-RPGs are these good for?

      Most RPGs can use minis, and a few of them really call for it (Iron Kingdoms RPG, Savage Worlds, D&D, Pathfinder, etc).

      If you’re looking for non-RPGs you can do a variant for, almost any dungeon crawler with approximately teh same sized squares will work. I mean, you could even use them for Dungeon Bowl (Blood Bowl variant).

      I bet you could use them for Super Dungeon Explore.

      • Davos Seaworth

        Not RPGs. Maybe a minis game, since boardgames typically have their own map boards.

        • Andrew Franke

          Song of Gold and Darkness is a supplement to Song of Blades and Heroes that work Great with dungeons like these. I love SB&H and these maps are perfect for it and SG&D. Song of Gold and Darkness is cool because you can solo against the dungeon. Very well written rules or you can play against a friend.

    • Valander

      Looks like the Altar of Corrosion does have a gridless option, so that would make it a little more usable for pretty much any minis game that can be set in a dungeon type map. Frostgrave comes to mind, especially with the Breeding Pits expansions, but without the grid, they should be usable for pretty much anything.

      With the squares printed, some gamers might have a problem with it, depending on the rules of the game, but old-school Clix-based games would probably be fine.