Thursday Terrain Corner

The week rolls on and we once more find ourselves coming around to Thursday. Just a week until my favorite holiday of the year! Woo! Turkey has already been purchased. This week’s groceries will include ingredients for the brine it will soak in overnight from Wednesday to Thursday next week.
As well as possibly an extra turkey, since I’m going to be taking this first one over to a friend’s place, and I’m wanting lots of leftovers.

But that’s as may be. Right now, it’s time to make your gaming table look as fantastic as your holiday table with a Terrain Corner feature.

Let’s dig in with: Deep-Cut Studio releases new Mars themed gaming mat and New 10mm buildings now available for Fantasy Arc’s MicroClad Metropolis.

Deep-Cut Studio releases new Mars themed gaming mat

Mars gaming mat

New gaming mat release! Our latest design is a tribute to a scorched planet famous for battles with strange little green men. Mars themed background comes with lots of feedback in mind and is available in several sizes and material options to choose from. As usual, we will be glad to modify it to suit your army or scenery color scheme and manufacture a one-of-a-kind gaming area. More information on that can be found on our website!

New 10mm buildings now available for Fantasy Arc’s MicroClad Metropolis


Fantasy Arc is pleased to announce the release of their new line of 10mm modern/near future buildings for the MicroClad Metropolis. Available now are the TeleCom Building, Guild House, Castle Insurance Building, and Data Bank.

With offerings now in two scales, the MicroClad Metropolis is split into two lines, the 6mm MicroClad Sixes and the 10mm MicroClad Tens. Currently each line has its own items, no buildings are available in both scales. All MicroClad Metropolis buildings use the simple three-step Paint&Clad system. Prepaint the wooden pieces. Assemble the wooden structure. Apply the cladding over top. That is all it takes to complete great looking tabletop ready buildings!

The new MicroClad Tens buildings use the same white artist’s paper cladding as the MicroClad Sixes, but also include additional cladding cut from a tan artist’s matte board. This material is thicker than the paper cladding, but thinner than the wood used in the substructure. These three thicknesses of material, detailed surface engraving, and a new innovative construction technique involving recessing certain structural pieces, results in models with an exceptional level of detail that will look great on any gaming table!

  • BDUB

    Deep Cut could do everybody’s eyes a favor by running a paint daubs filter, and lowering the contrast, on all of their mat images.

    • mathieu

      Even after looking up paint Daubs filter and checking out a couple of videos of what it actually does, I don’t understand your comment. 😉

      • BDUB

        Fair enough. The mats (though the space mats tend to have a better read at the scales played) are generally too crisp in detail and too high contrast, and hence visually compete with, and in many situations, overwhelm any miniature and scenery you place on them. Subtle use of the paint daubs filter will take the edge off the detail and give a subtle painterliness to the image that will complement rather than compete with the minis/scenery. Lowering the contrast will cut down on the camouflage effect that is adding to the visual competition with the minis – particularly at mini scales. The saturation of the images should probably be lowered along with the contrast.

        Think about point of view of the gamer in relation to the “battlefield” – its low aerial pov and atmospheric perspective naturally cuts down on the detail, saturation, and contrast that the viewer perceives, so addressing these aspects of the images used would actually look more realistic and showcase the minis rather than obliterating them from view.

        I hope all that made sense.

        • mathieu

          I’ve never played on a mat, so I have yet to experience what you describe, but that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the detailed explanations!

          • BDUB

            I really like mats, and Deep-Cuts are very nice quality. I only singled them out as the article was mentioning them specifically. I find that almost all mat producers have the same issues with their images.