Thursday Terrain Corner

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 5th, 2015

Well, the week continues to move along quickly. But it’s obviously still full of surprises, it would seem. More to come on that later on. At the moment, we’re here to make your gaming table look as pretty as possible with our Terrain Corner feature. So let’s get to it.

Today’s stories include: New Oil Barrels Sets Available From Tabletop-Art, AdventureCraft Dungeons II on Kickstarter Running Now, #mapvember happening now, and New mat for Star Wars X-Wing and Armada + free coupon.

New Oil Barrels Sets Available From Tabletop-Art

Now available – Oil Barrels Set 15mm. The set includes 10x oil barrels which are partly dented and damaged.

AdventureCraft Dungeons II on Kickstarter Running Now

AdventureCraft Dungeons II brings new tilesets to fill your dungeon crawling needs, starting with the Ice Grotto, we’ll also be exploring the Valleys of Glensdale and Victorian Mansion further on. So if you need tiles to explore with your games, please back us!

#mapvember happening now


#Mapvember is an open challenge for all who enjoy drawing fictional maps for roleplaying games. These maps can be anything from dungeon maps to geographical maps, as long as the maps are usable without other maps, tools or information.

The idea of #mapvember is to…

– Draw a map of some kind each day through the whole November…
– Share your creations with others…
– Tag your map with a hashtag #mapvember.
That’s pretty much it.

New mat for Star Wars X-Wing and Armada + free coupon

It is “Vortex”, new mat for space battles, perfect for Star Wars X-Wing and Armada. A couple of space clouds collide somewhere in space causing this picturescue scene. Light and dark blue with a bit of purple color makes it look as magnificient as space can be.

Also, we have some gift for our subscribers, coupon code “VOID” works till 15 of November and gives you 15% discount. Have a good time!

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