Thundercock Miniatures Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter underway

Thundercock Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new line of plastic dungeon terrain, including walls, floors and accessories.


From the campaign:

Thundercock Miniatures is bringing a highly detailed and affordable set of dungeon themed terrain models for roleplaying and wargaming.

The goal of this project is to provide fantastic looking, durable, and affordable modular terrain. I wanted to make a set that stands apart from the alternatives out there, and here is how I’ve done it:

This set is definitely NOT made with Hirst Arts blocks.
Your miniatures are NOT taller than the walls. This set is made to scale with heroic 28mm miniatures. My walls are 2 1/2″ high.
The models are durable. They are cast in resin.
The set contains the most intricate detail that I have seen on any set of its kind.
This set features a peg system that gives a great deal of creative freedom when making a layout.
This set and all materials are made in the USA
This set beats the crap out of graph paper!

I have invested a lot of my own time and money into building the models for this set. I am at the stage where I need to have molds made. Mold making materials are expensive and that is why I need you! If my Kickstarter goal is met, I can have molds made and can begin production. With that said, check out all the cool stuff you can get by helping me out!

  • 4tonmantis

    Is that name for real? I can’t stop snickering.

  • antenociti

    Not sure that ‘dissing’ Hirst Arts is a very clever move tbph…

    A lot of your potential customers will already be HA customers… and HA is a very successful US company with sales and customers all around the world, with a proven track record and superb product and CS reputation.

    It also exists…. your product doesn’t…. and an awful lot of Hirst-Arts castings will be put into your dungeon system IF your KS is successful.

    So your HA comment is therefore a bit out of place and probably not a very clever idea…. it sends all the wrong messages, so you might want to consider changing that.

    • 4tonmantis

      I get what you’re saying but I think he’s talking about a kickstarter a while back where the creator just used resin castings from Hirst Art molds and called it a dungeon tile set..

  • Cherno

    Do you mean this:
    “This set is definitely NOT made with Hirst Arts blocks.” ?!?

  • antenociti

    Yeah, its a bit of a weird thing to say imo – suggested to me that HA stuff wasn’t any good or that kickstarters selling HA-derived products were sub-standard in some way.

    That doesn’t seem a great way to promote your own stuff by kicking off with dissing other peoples…especially when HA product (and the company) is so widely and well regarded.

    • Cherno

      I don’t know, it didn’t have any negative connotation for me… I just thought he put it there because people often suspect illegal HA resellers when seeing such a project, after all HA has strict policies and one needs a license from them to sell HA blocks.

  • hithero

    Thundercock from Cocksville, is this for real? They do know that a cock is a penis in the Uk 🙂

    • Smokestack

      hithero, it is in the US too… 🙂 I actually live near Cockeysville here in Maryland… I don’t know the creator, but there are only two gaming shops in the immediate area so maybe…

      Anyway, yes the name of the town is funny… per wikepedia Cockeysville was named after the Cockey family who helped establish the town. Thomas Cockey (1676–1737) settled in Limestone Valley in 1725.

      As far as “Thundercock” it could be a nickname, or a hard won title…

  • Not sure how you think that is ‘dissing’ Hirst Arts. All he stated was that his product wasn’t made from Hirst Arts.

    • 4tonmantis

      I think that was in reference to the size comparison thing.. about models being too tall or walls too short or what have you.

      • Darsc Zacal

        Cause size matters when you’ve named your company Thundercock.

        • Zemlod

          . . . aaaand rimshot!

          • Ghool

            My teenage mind has been snickering at this thread, and it’s getting louder with each comment.

  • Marauder

    Man, where the hell is Soulfinger? Someone PM him and tell him to get in on this comment thread!

    I’m not sure how they managed to keep their faces straight when they went to register the name of the company.

  • The remark about HS means that there are alot of dungeon sets made from HS blocks. This set is not HS. The point is how this set is different from others, not that anyone elses sets are bad.