Throne of Games launches The Merged D6 Kickstarter

Throne of Games has a Kickstarter campaign running for their Merged D6, a single die that replicates the results of rolling 2d6.


From the campaign:

One of the inconveniences in table-top gaming is having to roll an excessive amount of dice. This holds especially true for those who enjoy role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Introducing the Md6, our solution to halving the amount of six-sided dice required to roll. We have agonized over a design that will not only replicate the odds provided by rolling two six-sided dice but will also hold true to the panache dice enthusiasts love. The Md6 not only drastically cuts down on the mayhem of rolling multiple dice, but it also simplifies the math involved, while being the same size as a standard D20.

  • Haibane

    So this replaces rolling 2 dice? Seems pointless to me – since when was rolling two dice a hassle? I can understand wanting to replace rolling handfuls of dice as in a Warhammer game, but this doesn’t do that. Seems like it’d be relatively hard to determine what the result is due to the close-set faces.

  • I backed since it was a low buy in and I’m a sucker for most different types of die. Would work well for Warmachine and any 2d6 system, including it’s RPG brethren.

  • mathieu

    Huh… D6s are easy to read, their results are rarely ambiguous, and they stack neatly when the game is done. I guess whoever designed these dice didn’t consider these “details” as important, but the difficulty to read results or even to get a clear single result on non-flat hard surfaces (say a sand-flocked gaming table…) makes these completely unusable in many situations.

  • BaconSlayer

    Kickstart! 3D print! So wow!

    At least they have received more money than their last effort. Who knows, maybe they will stumble on an idea that is viable.

  • Holy cow. Their flexible adventure thing needed 18K to fund. That’s a lot, really, for a no name company to hope for.

    No wonder they canceled it.

    • BaconSlayer

      They probably needed a war chest in case HBO or GRRM noticed.

  • Good thing I didn’t watch their intro video before I pledged. I wouldn’t have pledged. The video doesn’t tell you a think. WTF?

  • Bobofreak

    I don’t know seems like they would even be easier to manipulate then traditional dice as one side has the 12 and the other the 2 result. I could throw that thing all day to only role on the side with 12 therefore giving me a chance at a critical success in most systems while avoiding the 2.

    Seems like another answer looking for a problem. For me throwing a handful of d6 is one of the best parts of gaming.