Thon reveals first Kickstarter exclusive model’s artwork

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 4th, 2013

Thon has been doing rather well on Kickstarter, already making it past their funding goal. So they’ve posted up the first bit of artwork for their Kickstarter exclusive model.

From the announcement:

‘Halcyon Virus Initiated. Argo is no more.’ – Forgemaster Tyrian Evo

Forgemaster Tyrian Evo single-handedly fell several Starlight on the distant Eastern Front, earning him the title, Tyrian the Tyrant. The most gifted of all of Ord’s Forgemasters, Tyrian is only the second Forgemaster to earn both the Ordhren Forgemaster and Theledonian Mastertect titles. Tyrian Evo is an Ordhren Overlord option.

+1 Tyrian Evo!

+4 DRX Drones!

Tyrian can increase his Fury Pool to create a DRX drone from his in-built Flash Production Drive, or expend Fury to convert an existing unit into a Legion Soldier!

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  • cama

    I liked the first Tron, but the second one wasn’t so hot.

    • Your comment made me octouple-check that I’d spelled it “Thon” everywhere and not “Tron.”

      • cama

        Lol! 😉

    • Tron Uprising is surprisingly good though…

      These Thon minis look great. Not being much of a gamer I find very few KS appealing because I am not really interested in buying rules and such… :\

  • Grim6

    The art and minis look incredible. Would love to know more about the game? I just looked through it briefly, but are there any game play videos or rule discussion?

    • cannondaddy

      Not yet but it is supposed to be coming.

      • Grim6

        Ok, I will be watching and waiting!