Thon previews new Ardor Corps 3D render

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 16th, 2013

Thon has posted more previews for their game with a new 3D render of the Ardor Corps.


From the preview:

All Sons of Ord start play as Ardor Corps: ruthless warriors in training. Only after proving themselves on the battlefield through fire, fury, carbine and cutter do they earn the right to bear the title, Son of Ord.

The Ardor Corps model can double as an Ordhren Handler for Narrative Play. Armed with Magnum, Carbine, Pistol and Null Grid.

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  • Gallahad

    The wrinkles on his pants won’t show up in scale, and it looks like some of the detail on his shin guards also needs to be deepened in order to take paint. I still remain excited for the eventual re-kickstart of Thon.

  • 4tonmantis

    Does this company actually have a game or products or anything? I just browsed around their site a bit and only saw a bunch of concept art. Normally I would think concept art and renders are progress but in this case it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything with the concepts… just showing a bunch of stuff.

  • Regardless of the quality of the product, as a french person, I cannot reasonably pledge for a game whose name means “tuna” in my language 🙁

    • KelRiever


    • I… did not know that…
      That’s kinda hilarious.

    • JRV

      hah. I’ll make a ‘Thron’ for you.