Thomarillion has new Whiskey Distillery

Thomarillion has a new, and rather unique, piece of terrain new on their website, the Whiskey Distillery.

From the release:

Thomarillion have released a Whiskey Distillery.

  • GreenJello

    Needs a heat source, unless this is supposed to be a fermenter.

  • trajan

    Actually, the heat source would be on the floor below. This is just the still and that is all you see on that level. What you would need to do is use this as the upper floor and scratch build what lies below on the next floor.

  • jackgaudette

    Great idea, but why?

    • TheCapn

      Redneck Dwarves?

      • Borzag

        Do dwarves need to be rednecks to be drunk?

  • Cherno

    Also, Aliens vs. Hillbillies.