This Week in Wargaming episode AT-7 posted

Episode AT-7 of the This Week in Wargaming podcast has been posted.

From their website:

This Week in Wargaming features an interview with Byron Collins of Collins Epic Wargames about Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction, San Pietro Infine, and his upcoming card game, Spearpoint: 1943;

and, as always, this week’s wargaming headlines, including:

  • Fantasy Flight Games’ Talisman: The Highland, and Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion
  • Litko Aerosystems’ 15mm Space Corridors
  • Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Vietnam Era Australian SAS
  • Lock’n’Load Publishing’s Tank on Tank
  • Micro Art Studio’s Stalker Tank
  • Privateer Press’ Mosh Pit Expansion for Grind and Voltron for Monterpocalypse
  • Games Workshop’s advance orders (courtesy of Tabletop Gaming News)
  • Darkson Designs’ AE-WWII Soviet PSI-Cannon previews
  • Mercs Minis KemVar 28mm Sci-Fi Figures