This is my boomstick

XenoShyft is showing off a new piece of concept art for their upcoming game.

Plasma Arc Shotgun


From the preview:

The MKIII “Plasma Arc” Shotgun was developed for close-quarter suppression and elimination. Capable of considerable damage, as well as the large sweeping arc of fire, make the MKIII one of the highest requested armaments by the NorTec Militia, to the degree that Weapon’s Research has often assigned full production departments to manufacturing of just this weapon.

Unfortunately, due to the Isuza Dynamics trade-coded Entropic-Fusion Core, the power-source of the weapon, no extreme modifications can be made to the existing design. Once Weapon’s Research cracks the tech of the Entropic Core, however, it should only be a matter of time before a number of improvements and modifications can be made to suit the needs of any landing.