Thirsty? Try a Ninja Cola

Soda Pop Miniatures has less than 2 days left in their Kickstarter campaign for Forgotten King, their expansion for Super Dungeon Explore.
They’ve unlocked Ninja Cola for the game. How many more stretch goals can they pass through before the time runs out?


From the update:

Wherein even the great and terrible $900,000 was no match for the combined might of Crystalia’s noble Heroes. For their numbers ever increased, and they cried out, “Give us the mighty warrior which you have so wrongly imprisoned. Give us Ninja Cola, so that we might always drink the tasty soda, even as we lurk in the shadows and crush evil.”

Stricken by fear at this new, united threat the Dark Consul did retreat. The walls of the dungeon were cast into ruin, and the cute adorable Ninja Cola was free!