The Word of Hashut issue #9 available

Issue 9 of the Word of Hashut Chaos Dwarf fanzine is available to download.

From their announcement:

Well after when major delay (1 ½ months) the Word of Hashut Issue #9 is finally out full of all the stuff that makes Chaos Dwarfs so cool. This time around we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary issue of the Word of Hashut. Wow, 9 Issues and hopefully many more to come on that front.

Inside of this issue you can find the following:

  • The continuation of Baggronor’s excellent Shadow and Flame graphic novel.
  • The Redemption of Anaryll Campaign Pack
  • The History of Chaos Dwarfs Online
  • The Staff of Chaos Dwarfs Online
  • The Hallowed Halls of Golden HatAll of the previous winners of our illustrious Painting Contest.
  • Daemonic Engine rules
  • High Elf vs. Chaos Dwarf Battle Report
  • Interview with SjoerdoMaster Chaos Dwarf sculptor
  • The Runes of HashutMember Fiction
  • The Black Dwarf8th edition rules for our famed special character.
  • Defeating the High Elves – Tactical analysis of the Asur.

And as always the issue is full of cool minis, great art and all the stuff that you would expect from the Word of Hashut. As always stop by and say hi and tell us what we could be doing better, well other then getting it out on time…