The women of “The world of For-Ha” tabletop miniatures up on Kickstarter now

Kaeyous Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their The Women of “The World of For-Ha” miniatures line.
Note: While all the models are edited for modesty, it’s still a lot of naked women through the link.


From the campaign:

Check out the amazing designs and stories from a new miniature company: Kaeyous miniatures. This company wants to carve a niche offering THE best female anatomy in the market today. Take advantage of the crazy low prices in their introductory Kickstarter campaign.

  • jedijon

    To the Keyousess Krew…I hope my derision at your hubris and misanthropic niche searching is appropriately directed. I believe Tom Meier is already doing some incredibly fine anatomy – and he’s not even sexist about it!

    I’d be happy to google that for you if you’re unable. But good luck with your Z-brush monstrosities. And by good luck, I mean I hope you have a product you yourself(ves) are happy with and proud of. I think really that’s the most we can hope for here.

    I am, however, amused by the biological word choice. Ideologically ironic. Oh, and one final thing, although your implication is that you’re opening up a new niche, viz. doing “us” a service, you can’t fail to notice that this purported niche is already occupied…full even…