The Weight of Vapor

Greenbrier Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Heavy Steam, their new steampunk-inspired strategy game.


From the campaign:

Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?

-In Heavy Steam you play the role of a pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
-Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
-Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
-The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
-Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.

  • blkdymnd

    Looks like a cool game, I like the presentation and rules snippet. Can’t jump on the KS, but good luck!

  • BaconSlayer

    All the terrain is sharks, y’know, for jumping!

    • Soulfinger

      Nice. Although the Fonze would use a stream-driven velocipede in this case.

  • Haibane

    I like the tanks, but the mech design based on two locomotives is too ridiculous for my tastes – looks like a steampunk Optimus Prime CHOO CHOO!