The Walking Dead Kickstarter Exclusives Available With Mantic Points

By Polar_Bear
In Horror
Apr 6th, 2017
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So, the thing with Kickstarter exclusives is that you can’t sell them after the Kickstarter campaign, but you can give them away as promotional materials. I’ve learned this over the years, seeing how they’re handled. It’s a good way to still get those items, though it can sometimes mean jumping through hoops. Well, Mantic has made the hoop rather easy to jump through to get some of the Kickstarter items for The Walking Dead: All Out War. You can get them by using your Mantic points.

From the announcement:

You can now trade in your Mantic Points for three iconic characters from The Walking Dead: All Out War. These miniatures and cards were previously only available through the Kickstarter Edition of the game, but are now available to those who have collected enough Mantic Points.


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  • dootdootbeep

    I mean its easy in the sense that I have to mail a envelope full of little cardboard chips (and hope it arrives intact) to the UK from the US in order to get a figure.