The Titan Manufactorum releases new 4-story Apartment Building terrain piece

The Titan Manufactorum gives your table some more cover with their new 4-story Apartment Building terrain piece.
It’ll also hold your minis for transport, if you want.
That stack of old Where’s Waldo books just isn’t cutting it anymore.

From the release:

The first product from our Sprawling Metropolis series. A 4 Storey modular building with the interior designed to fit the market’s standard foam trays. Room for 128 models, or 96 +4 large vehicles.

  • Thraug

    Love the hidden minis storage area, great idea.

    • Soulfinger

      I agree.

  • Nightbee

    Who makes the “market standard” trays at 11×15? Battlefoam? GW? None of the cases I use are nearly that big.

  • 15×11 are the outer dimensions. The inner dimensions must be close close to 14×10.

    And 14 x 10 is the standard GW foam tray.

    Battlefoam, KR Multicase and Feldherr all sell that size as their basic standard foam tray, even if BF and KR offer a lot of differently sized trays, as well, nowadays.

    Feldherr Mini size is exactly half of that, 10×7.

    • Nightbee

      Thanks! I mainly have Sabol, with a few smaller KR trays. I had been thinking of switching to something larger, anyway, so maybe this is a good excuse.