The Supply Drop unboxes the Joker starter set for Arkham City

The Supply Drop gives us a look inside the Joker starter box set from Knight Model’s Arkham City skirmish game.

From the unboxing:

The Supply Drop carry out Batman Arkham City Joker starter crew unboxing as part of our Batman Month.

  • thetang22

    There was a lot of hype about this a month or so back, but it was very short-lived. I’d like to see this be successful….just don’t know that it will happen.

  • keltheos

    I think the summary of where the hype stands now is:
    2. Oh, 35mm, why bigger than the ‘standard’ 28/32?
    3. Hmmm…prices are a little wacky, but the models are still nice.
    4. Waiting to read more up on the rules. Need to see more info on this.