The Shell Case reviews Ichiban brushes

The Shell Case posted up a review of the new Games & Gears and Ichiban Studios paint brushes.

Ichiban Brushes


From the review:

With a week to go of Ichiban Painting and Games & Gears’ kickstarter to go we’d had the opportunity to take a look at the brushes themselves and report back on our findings. With the kickstarter (at time of writing) 1907% funded it may seem arbitrary to do a review but far from it.

Whilst we go way back with Hugo and I had great fun writing some rules for one of his Golden Demon entries in 2012 we pride ourselves on impartiality and that means reviewing them.

  • 4tonmantis

    The review doesn’t make sense.
    He says several things that make me not want to buy these.. even calls various features cheap. He then says that it’s over-priced. But his conclusion is still that you should back this KS? I.. really? I mean.. even in the face of his own observations these overpriced gimmicky brushes with a shoddy paintjob and a cheaply crafted case are still worth backing? If we don’t we are cheapskates? That is a really really bizarre conclusion man. Sorry but I am convinced even more that this isn’t for me than I previously was.

    • Soulfinger

      It’s the reviewer’s dual hope of maintaining his street cred while continuing to receive product. “McDonald food tastes like crap. I can’t stop eating it, nor should you, so I can keep getting these coupons for a free medium fry every month.”

      • 4tonmantis

        If I were to ever try to pitch McDonalds to someone that’s somehow never heard of it, I would call it:
        Colon flush that looks a lot like a burger. Just like powerbars though, they don’t quite get the taste right.. but man it will get that colon emptied in no time.

    • I’m seeing a lot of this revolving around this KS. G&G did a horrible job on their last brush KS and now they’re asking people to give them another chance.

      I asked Hugo how it was going to be different this time. His answer? “This time they brought a painter on board.” Seriously? I’d be happier if they brought some professional brush-makers on board.

      These are most definitely gimmicky brushes. How often have you ever thought “You know what would make these brushes better? An integral cap!” I’m thinking never.

      • KelRiever

        lol! Jay, you said it best.

        I remember a certain video game company of an rpg with an atrociously executed 3rd product saying, ‘We put our heart and soul into it.’ And while that might be admirable, I remember saying, ‘I could have done with less heart and soul, and more doing your job.’

      • 4tonmantis

        Are you the guy that did effects on Starship Troopers? If so, that was awesome.. and your hobby videos on Youtube are super helpful. If not.. then just say yes and nod your head 😛

        • KelRiever


          nods sagely


    • BaconSlayer

      If it looks like payola, sounds like payola, then it must be… a legitimate review.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      I don’t get it. Did we read the same review? He criticizes the paint on the brush handle. Who cares about the paint on the brush handle? I at least care about how the handle feels and the quality of the brush and those he praises.

      • mathieu

        They keep their shape better than anything I’ve ever purchased from a hobby shop or a Games Workshop and they retake their shape well.

        Is that the high praise you are referring to? Along with “I hardly ever paint” yet “these brushes are far more durable than anything I’ve seen elsewhere”?