The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Rune Fencer

On the Lamb Games is showing off another preview for The Miasma War with a look at the Rune Fencer.



From the preview:

While the Elves ruled the world, the Rune Fencers were the iconsRune Fencer of resistance. With their runeblades, the Fencers could travel undetected by Elven Mage Stalkers, giving humanity the ability to fight back against their oppressors. Forged by the Dwarves, Rune Weapons are sentient beings, able to fight with or against those that wield them.

In the centuries since, Rune Weapons are lost and found, passed down through the generations, or to those deemed worthy by the weapon’s mind. Today, Rune Fencers are prized bodyguards or ‘trophy’ mercenaries that Nobles gather to show off their wealth and power. The strength of the Rune Fencer is not sullied by these positions, and they remain the prime example of Light Armored, Anti-Mage combat.

As a 2 point model, Rune Fencers have a decent selection of Commands, many of which are ATK+MAG, allowing them to dish out a decent amount of damage for the MP Cost. They are also capable of regenerating MP when targeted by spells. This will either result in a decent supply, or your opponent avoiding targeting the Rune Fencer with their more powerful attacks. A winning situation either way. Their Medium DEF and HP means the Rune Fencer is best used by effectively exploiting the status effects of their attacks to neutralize the opponent.