The Road to The Miasma War – Meet Rin Azel

On the Lamb Games gives us another Miasma War preview with a look at Rin Azel.



From the preview:

The youngest member of the Azel merchant dynasty, Rin is an alchemical and business genius. Creating a living, moving building, the “Azel Emporium”, the young shop keep travels the world hawking her wares. From time to time, she finds an adventuring party that catches her interest, and follows them on their quest, hoping to gain a monopoly on their item and equipment needs.

In combat, the 3 point Rin has a number of abilities related to items, making the selection of her item cards very important. Giving her all health potions puts her into a healer/support role, but stat boosting items that up her ATK or DEF can put her on the front line very easily. She is also effective against other models with high ITM value, using Crippling Debt to cause Stop equal to their currently held ITM. This ability also forces the target to reveal their Item cards, a unique ability of this character.