The Road to The Miasma War – Meet Ahm Nausalla

On the Lamb Games Ahm happy (see what I did there?) to introduce another new model coming to Endless Fantasy Tactics with a look at Ahm Nausalla.



From the preview:

The first Dragon SAhm Nausellalayer, In a berserker rage, the young hunter fed on the blood of her kill, gaining great strength and magical power. Her techniques were honed, after her victory, to teach others of the ice-clad city of Ineb how to fight back against the winged beasts. All modern Dragoons train in the fighting style of Ahm Nausalla and carry on her legacy.

Because of her more brutal strength, Ahm’s attacks ignore some of the target’s defense each time she strikes. Like 2 point Dragoons, the 3 point Ahm has a number of ATK+MAG abilities, including a HP drain, giving her a massive amount of survivability; an important attribute for a 3 point character, as they are often the first target of the opponent. Though effective against almost any target, Ahm truly shines against Large Models, gaining a buff to every combat stat. Dragons and Trolls beware!