The Rise Within, a new fantasy RPG

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 19th, 2014

The Games Collective announced their new fantasy RPG, The Rise Within. There’s free, downloadable Quick Start Rules and a sample adventure over on their website for you to check out and see what the game’s all about.

The Rise Within


From the announcement:

Young and innovative team of “The Games Collective” created a tabletop RPG game that will set trend among gamers worldwide. The game – “The Rise Within” is an extremely dynamic game in which players assume the role of Vasalli, the mighty born-humans that go through “awakening” in which their special abilities are developed. The world is in chaos with the mighty Vargan race rebelling against humanity and political struggles, while protectors of humanity – Colossi – are slowly fading. What differentiates “The Rise Within” from other tabletop RPGs is the focus that is put on narration, storytelling and mastering. However, the issue of Narrator being the most dominant and “God-like” player in other games has been solved.

In “The Rise Within” the picture rule has been implemented. The picture rule means that the more creative, imaginative and picturesque the player describes a certain scene in the game – he gets certain bonuses. To add to the game dynamics and similarity to real life “The Rise Within” has battle setting set up simultaneously for all of the players. That means that all of the players roll the dice at the same time, and their score adds to the hit success. That makes battles more realistic and response as well as defense faster. To add to the realistic setting, the XP points have been eliminated. Players are increasing a certain skill the game play.

“The Rise Within” will be presented as a project on the Kickstarter platform in order to fund everything needed for the full completion of the game.

For more information, visit our website, where you can download the official Quickstart rule-guide and a free sample of an adventure, and where you can subscribe to the official mailing list and receive all the news and updates on the game.

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  • Soulfinger

    (This post has been edited)

    “Young and innovative team” equals “College kids who figured out all of these ‘fresh and new concepts’ that most of us old and derivative types know to be century-old trope.” The old “But this has dragons in it!” argument.

    “an extremely dynamic game” usually means “You roll a lot of dice” or “Players fidget and stretch a lot, constantly finding excuses to take a break from the table.”

    “set trend among gamers worldwide” translates as “They wrote the next* Everway, *Amazing Engine, etc.” All aboard for the train wreck!

    This game is different in that it focuses on “narration, storytelling and mastering,” unlike most games in which characters aimlessly wander through a stark wasteland, collecting aluminum cans for recycling. Unlike White Wolf’s Storytelling System, this game has storytelling in it. There’s more “mastering” than in every edition of the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide combined.

    “The picture rule has been implemented,” which is to say that vividly described actions are more likely to succeed. Purple prose RULEZ!1! So, instead of just haggling down a price, you’d say something like, “I look at the merchant, my lipid deficient blue eyes absorbing him into my soul as my mouth moves to form sounds, then syllables, then words. My tongue rasps against the enamel of my teeth, swishing saliva, as I say, “Will you take half?” I want to say more — want to say that I can smell his essence, feel his presence in this shop that we share. Woops. I pass a little gas. I’m also scared that there is some food in my beard. I try to clean it out discreetly. Woops. More gas. I may have pooped my pants a little.” BAM! Instant success, and I get the item for half price.

    “To add to the realistic setting, the XP points have been eliminated.” Thank goodness, I’m sick of this being a feature of every game on the market. It’s nice to see something new by a young and innovative team who have played something other than D&D.

    • Soulfinger

      Aw man, edited. How about . . . the title and synopsis reminds me of a teenager having his first “Rise Within” on the school bus?

  • Looks like they are German, hence the errors in their release, which certainly doesn’t give me much confidence. “It is going to be ran on kickstarter.” Oh man. Even the name. Come on! You gotta pay someone who really knows English to even have a chance.

  • KelRiever

    …my pants.

    There, I said it!