The Prime Generation episode #7- Something Wicked This Way Comes…

The latest episode of The Prime Generation, Warmachine and Hordes podcast, has been posted.

From their announcement:

Greetings. We are the Prime Generation, a group of friends who love Warmachine and Hordes. We’ve started our own podcast to talk about the game and share it with the rest of the community. In episode 7, we talk about Cryx. You can find us on iTunes, or on our site at

  • :25 Speed Round
  • 2:15 News
  • 14:45 Cryx
  • 19:48 Casters
  • 54:31 Warjacks
  • 1:07:46 Units
  • 1:27:38 Solos

Participants- Rick, Mark, Shane, Brian, Nick