The Painting Frog visits Games Workshop in Bath

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Oct 3rd, 2014

The Painting Frog continues their tour series of various gaming companies with a look at Games Workshop in Bath (not in the bath, you dirty-minded individuals).


From the post:

The Painting Frog has published yet another article about visiting wargaming companis in England and this time the article focuses on the GW Bath store.

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  • darkendlight

    I guess this is interesting if you have never seen a GW store before.

  • Soulfinger

    Ah man, Polar Bear, you beat me to the punchline. I was thinking of the old SNL sketch with Mike Meyers, ” Hello! My name is Simon! I like to do drawerings! I’m having my bath now! Every day at five, a lady comes and bathes me! Don’t look at my bum!”

  • Gereth

    I agree this probably isn’t of much interest for anyone who lives close to a GW store, however I assume this might be interesting for anyone who’s never been to a GW store before.

    Being from Brazil visiting such a store is an incredible experience, since we have nothing like them here. Even your average FLGS is a rare sight here, and do not come close to shops like the ones in the USA and Europe.

    That’s mentioned on the article that goes with the video offering more background on it. I’m sorry if it might be “more of the same”.