The Others: 7 Sins Launches on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Sep 10th, 2015

The end is nigh!…
Err… actually, it’s the beginning that’s nigh!
The Others: 7 Sins, the new game from CoolMiniOrNot, Guillotine Games, and Studio McVey has launched on Kickstarter. Designed by Eric Lang, the game pits the Heroes of F.A.I.T.H. versus otherworldly creatures that are the epitome of the 7 Deadly Sins. The fate of the world is at hand. Will you save it or send it into sinful oblivion?

Game layout

We’ve been regularly posting previews of what is coming with the game. We had a general overview, chatting with some of the game designers along with writer Eric Kelley. Next we were lucky to have Darth Nega come on and give us a look into various aspects of the game. She started out by giving us a little bit of hope by looking over the heroes of F.A.I.T.H.

But things quickly turned sinful. We got a deeper look into the sins of Pride and Sloth.

Then she took us on a journey, looking at some of the followers of the Sins and what they can do to you.

And just this morning was a preview of the Story Boards and Apocalypse Track.

We’ve prepared you as best we can. But now the time has come. Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and check it out for yourself. Click through to pledge here.

Edit: And they’ve made it over their funding goal. So it’s on to stretch goals for the next 26 days.

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  • Karl M

    The problem with this KS is that there are only 2 of the deadly sins in the base set. That means that CMON is almost certainly teeing up add-on packs with the other 5 sins that will be posted before the campaign is over. Its going to be an expensive buy-in before its all said and done.

    • Well, it’s the idea of getting a base set at a reasonable price point. If they had all 7 sins in the original box, the retail would be much, much higher and so it wouldn’t be something a lot of people would want to buy.
      The base set is $100. They have announced in an update that the Greed box is projected to have an MSRP of $25. So, if it’s assumed that the other 4 sins will be the same, that’s a total of $125 for all of them.
      If they were all part of the base game, that’d make it $225 (estimated). A lot of people aren’t going to want to drop that all at once. Give them a $100 box and then let them pick up extra sins at their leisure and it’s a much more attractive purchase.

      • The core box could have included all sins with their rules as tokens – Like Descent. In this way everything the game’s title says would be in the box right from the start with the option for CMON to make extra money with the sin’s actual miniatures replacing the tokens. Just my opinion ?

        • TheBlart

          Actually they just got the FREE stretch goal of the 3rd sin Greed, it’s minions, and controller. Looks like all 7 sins will be included as stretch goals and only charged to people that buy outside of the KS.

          I am quite surprised as CMON is quite well known for extra charging for everything. Lol

    • Ghool

      Based on the current stretch goals, if the total gets high enough, it looks like the other 5 sins will be part of the base pledge anyways.
      Sucks for retail, but backing will likely get you the other sins for free.

      • Karl M

        If the others make it in the base set, I’ll back the project.

    • Drew Olds

      Well, the buy-in doesn’t change, just the buy-all.

      I know that some kickers don’t kick unless they can kick-all, but there are other people too. Some are willing to wait and get some expansions later (or not at all).

      With CMON Kickstarters, the hope is that they don’t add so many exclusives that the retail version looks like a totally different game.