The Orr Group on Roll20 Game System Use

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Oct 7th, 2014
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Roll20 had The Orr Group take a look at the various game systems that their users employed during their gaming sessions and compile the information into a handy chart showing the percentage that each game took up.

Game Percentages


From the report:

THE ORR GROUP INDUSTRY REPORT is an overview of tabletop gaming ruleset popularity
based on usage data from Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

Based on a sample size of approximately 25,000 games and 15,000 players.
Notes on how information is gathered:

? “Games” = % of games where the Game Master said “this is what we’re playing.”
? “Players” = % of players who were active in the quarter and filled in the “this is what I
enjoy playing” field on their profile.
? Percentages will total more than 100% because each player/game can have more than
one game type designated. This is extremely common for players and rare for the
? This only takes into account games/players which were active (e.g. game was played,
player played at least one game) during the 3rd Quarter of 2014.
? This is meant to be a representative sample, as it only takes into account games and
players who filled out relevant fields on their game page/profile. There was significantly
more than 25k games and 15k players who played in this quarter, but many do not fill out
these fields.
? The list of available games to select were curated by Roll20’s staff based on previous
survey results, and will be changing in the future.

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  • Soulfinger

    Really good to know, particularly considering their sample size and seeing what hasn’t charted. Data like this is very handy for authors. I wish there were a little more specificity with things like Star Wars (WEG vs WotC vs FF), if Palladium just means Rifts, and what that Other category includes. Demographics on age groups would be extraordinarily useful as well.