The Miasma War grows larger

On the Lamb Games added two new models to the base goal for the Miasma War Kickstarter they’ve got running.

Base Goal


From the update:

Two Models Added To Base Goal!

Through the magic of crunching numbers we have been able to add 2 additional models to the Base Goal, bringing us up to 10 new models and 43 Fals worth of items available.

  • Grindar

    I kinda wish this game had army packs that would work relatively well together, or a blog where people give them and the lists basic strategy. I like the look of it but not sure what to pick up first.

    • There are no ‘factions’ or ‘force organization’, so you can build a party out of any combination of models.

      Most parties we’ve seen people build follow a sort of ‘Triangle’: A Heavy Hitter, A Healer, and Support. So something like the standard RPG trope of a Knight, a Cleric, an Archer, a Thief, and a Rhapsodist.

      We’ve got a subforum on DakkaDakka and a few people are gathering there to discuss list building.

      I do like your thought of an ‘army pack’, and I think we’ll see about putting together some suggested picks in a future update.

      • Grindar

        Look at Infinity. The game has a bewildering number of options and the starter boxes can help pick up a force without fretting over every miniature and gives a reliable performance for each box, making it a pretty good starting point to expand from. But out of any starter, you know you’re going to get 3 standard riflemen, an HQ, a heavy weapons, and a specialist for your faction so it’s a good base.

        For Endless you wouldn’t necessarily do “Factions” but you can give the groups names, kinda like Soda Pop does the SDE spawn points (Rocktop Gang, etc.).

        Even if you don’t want to do formal starter boxes, you could always just do them as web-exclusive bundles or somesuch. It is just a lot easier if you can pick something ready-to-play and adjust it to your style than starting from scratch when you don’t know the game either.