The Joy of Six this Sunday in Sheffield, UK

The Joy of Six gaming show will be this Sunday in Sheffield, UK. Will you be there?



From the announcement:

Yes, Only days to go before the 6mm wargaming event of the year. For those attending, here is a reasonably accurate floor plan..
As you can see, lots to see and do. We’ll also be running three seminars/discussions during the day:

Peter and The Igor – Your chance to find out what makes a wargames company tick! You get to quiz the Odd Couple on just how they see things in wargaming, life and the universe in general. We’re looking for the awkward questions, so please let us have some in advance and email them to Any received will not be revealed until the day, so the rabbit trapped in the headlights expressions you see in the room won’t be faked!

Command Horizon – the way ahead.- Dave and John from Wargames Emporium will be on hand to outline their plans for this great SF range and discuss the challenges of taking on such a project.

The Polemos Sunday Grill – A bunch of Polemos rules authors locked in a small room with a group of players, interested parties and critics. A recipe for carnage if ever there was. Even if you don’t use the Polemos, it’s a fascinating insight into what it takes to write and publish a commercial set of wargames rules. I’ll also be hoping to do do a short presentation on our progress with the electronic versions of the rules.