The Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition Kickstarter is now Live

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 31st, 2013

Invulnerable, a super-hero RPG game is looking to get their Vigilante Edition backed over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

The Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition Kickstarter is now Live!

We hope to produce an awesome new edition of the Invulnerable Super Hero RPG, with a new cover, lots more art, better editing and layout, and lots of errata fixes!

Please check out the stretch goals, including a revamp of the Dauntless sourcebook, and a new Invulnerable sourcebook by Steven Schend, Michael Garcia, Christopher Helton, Rafael Chandler, and Eloy Lasanta!

With artwork by amazing talents like Jason Juta, Joel Biske, Jason Rainville, Bradley McDevitt, and Gennifer Bone, this book will be great choice for any fan of traditional tabletop comic book roleplaying games.

Please consider making a donation for the new edition, and net yourself some great supers gaming in the process.
If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Kubli at [email protected]
Thanks for your time!

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  • Soulfinger

    I would select a very high “awesomeness level” for my character so that I can engage in plenty of “awesome action.” My character’s name is Doctor Flotsam Jetsam, who gained his super abilities while marooned on a mystic island. He uses his powers to teleport villains to remote locations, while maintaining his alter-ego’s professional career as a maritime proctologist. Also, sneezing will transform him into a yacht.

    • grimbergen

      Yeah, but what’s the Motivation? C’mon read the rules before showing off. And remember you need 2 motivations as every hero needs to be conflicted.

      Anyhow I don’t think your powers are “gritty” enough to make the cut. Try again.

  • jkubli

    Heroes don’t have to be gritty. But not every game does the gritty thing well.

    Dr. Flotsam would be a great character, in the right campaign. 🙂