The Guardian resin kit now available from The Titan Manufactorum

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 17th, 2013

The Titan Manufactorum has another new kit available. This one’s your new Guardian (I’d call mine Captain Sham).

From the release:

The Guardian is now available. The model is 7.5″ tall and weighs 0.8 kg. It can be assembled in a variety of poses thanks to its articulated knee and pelvis sockets.

To celebrate the release, the model will be on a 10€ off sale for 1 month!

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  • rabblerouser

    Looks bad.

    • cama

      Horrible really. Like a wooden toy from the 50s or something. Ugh.

  • surprize

    If you go to the website the model actually looks OK. The paint job is REALLY poor though; thick, flat colours that are a little untidy. The model is not that big (7.5″?), but the level of model detail is commensurate with the price – they are pretty cheap.

    Its all about the display paint job though, I think this is doing a worse job than just showing the bare, assembled resin, its going to put people off (like ^). I’d advise them to pull these pictures and maybe just take some with the bare resin washed with thin black ink and leave it at that.

    • Soulfinger

      Or at least put 3 poorly painted ones in a rough semicircle around a disco ball and give the poor guys a hand for holding beers.

    • 4tonmantis

      I somewhat agree. The resin shots themselves aren’t very high resolution so it’s a little tough to see if they have a decent level of detail, crisp edges, air bubbles, etc. The paint is really really bad. With such large smooth panels, they should have gotten someone that can freehand scrollwork or other fine details and gone with a color that isn’t notorious for being horrible. Red, as an example, is super easy to blend into a beautiful gradient and would look great with black panel lines and some fiery orange highlights. Instead we get a 90s era block-painted mess that makes it look like it belongs on the toy aisle. I halfway want to buy one to paint and send him a picture.. but I can’t spare the money for charity at the moment 😛

    • rabblerouser

      I disagree. The price isn’t too far off from what Dreamforge games charges for something similar, and that kit is light years ahead. Titan Manufactorum should stick to making warlord titans out of wood.

      • surprize

        The Dreamforge kit is fantastic, no arguments there, but it is twice the price! (~$60 vs $120) Comparing apples & oranges.
        Interestingly I had another look at the website after posting my comment^^ and if you open up their mock-up apocalypse datasheet the picture on there is an alternate colour scheme with it painted in rust orange, that although still a bit naff, is way better than the actual website picture.