The Great Wargaming Survey

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 1st, 2014

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has a poll up they’re calling the Great Wargaming Survey.
Do you like beans?
Do you like George Wendt?
Would you like to eat beans with George Wendt?



From them to you:

The people at WSS magazine are a very curious bunch (yes, probably probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn’t matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of theGreat Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.

Joking aside, this won’t take long (5-10 minutes), it’s entirely anonymous, it’s nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you’ll have a chance at winning some great prizes. What’s not to like? Just spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.

We’d really appreciate your input!

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  • Haibane


    Hmm… I think I may be lying to myself over just how much I’ve ploughed into gaming Kickstarters XD

  • Borzag

    Can’t say I’m surprised at the questions given the source, but…. did anyone else notice a bias towards historical gaming?

    • 4tonmantis

      Dunno how long you’ve been in and around tabletop gaming but that isn’t a bias..that’s progress. Historical gaming used to pretend 40k, Warmahordes, etc didn’t exist.. I’m thrilled to see that they are actually even mentioned.

      • Borzag

        15 years, give or take (it was in the questionnaire 😉 )

        My particular flavour is gang-level skirmish, no particular period (so Bolt Action and Saga, though they look like fun, are too big for my tastes). And from what I’ve seen from ‘STRAYA, the gaming community tend to run towards FourtyKays – Warmathingies – FoW – Everything else. So in some ways yes, I’ll admit sheltered.

        Still though, it did surprise me to see so many flavours of historical I suppose. Sci-fi, Pulp/Steampunk, Fantasy, then the million flavours of historical. That to me was…. not sure. Not eye opening, not bizzare, just odd.

      • Soulfinger

        Historic players are probably having to be more aware of the market as a whole to poach players from other systems. I’ve always subscribed to the notion that wargamers gravitate toward historic as they age, but I’m less certain now that this will be the case for me. Interested as I am in the minis, I want Napoleonic armies fighting Atlantean invaders, not to recreate the battle of Waterloo.

        • lilljonas

          I would say the opposite, I see and hear more people who are abandoning 40K and fantasy, at least as their exclusive game, and gravitating towards historical games like Bolt Action and Flames of War. But that might also be a bias from living outside UK, as historicals as a hobby has been virtually invisible here before.

    • Part of it also is that Historical simply has that many delineations. While, for the most part, Fantasy is Fantasy is Fantasy and Sci-Fi is Sci-Fi is Sci-Fi, Historicals has a ton of different eras. And heaven help you if you get them wrong.

      Even looking at my own tag list for here on TGN, I have “Fantasy” and “Sci-Fi” but I also have “Historical” broken down into “ACW, ARW, ECW, 19th Century, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Napoleonic (even though that’s 19th Century, along with ACW, they’re still really their own thing)” and several others. And man, have I been read the riot act a few times when I got a setting wrong.

  • Gallant

    Yeah, as a subscriber to WS&S, I can say that they do include a lot more historical gaming content than you’ll find in the pages of White Dwarf.

    I got my start in war gaming with 40K, but I’ve branched off into historicals and love where it’s going. It’s not just a bunch of stuffy old guys sitting around a table full of block-painted Napoleonics in 15mm. Games like SAGA and Bolt Action can bring the sort of fast-paced fun that used to be found in games like Warhammer.

    • Soulfinger

      I agree with you about the newer systems, but the De Bellis Antiquitatis type folks are still around with their big bushy beards and omelet-eyed miniatures.

      • surprize

        My theory is that after a while gamers tend to either move towards RPG or to historicals.

        I thought their categories were odd though. My big interests are dystopian sci-fi like Infinity and ancients wargaming. So its strange to have Infinity lumped with 40k and equally as an ancients players I’d sub-divide it into pre-biblical/biblical/european bronze age/rise of rome/etc/etc and anything later as far as I am concerned is either medieval, pre-machine gun or post-machine gun. No real interest or conception of all their myriad sub-divisions! So I guess detail reflects the interests of the magazine/survey author!

      • grimbergen

        So I can finally have that connection with the DBA grognards… my heroclixies are also omelet eyed.

      • 4tonmantis

        … I want omelets..

  • elril

    I don’t know if I really qualify as a useful demographic, but I took the survey. I don’t really seem to have time to play mini’s anymore. Damn kids anyways…

    • 4tonmantis

      For me it was a weird progression.. Kids took up all the gaming time when they were toddlers.. now that they’re 10-11 they’re trying to drag me back into gaming at the levels I were before we had them. It’s funny.. I keep trying to get back into it but except for short fast games, I have found that life (other than my kids) requires too much of my time for this.

      • 4tonmantis

        *at the levels I was at before…

        ugh lack of edit button

    • Heh. I spend all day dealing with gaming stuff, including trying out games for reviews and so forth, so when it comes to my leisure time, most of it I just spend watching movies or generally hanging out, and not actually gaming like I used to. 😛

  • If WSS had a iOS app like WI does, I would buy a lot more issues.