The Forgotten King coming to Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Miniatures has announced The Forgotten King, a new expansion for Super Dungeon Explore, will be coming to Kickstarter next month.


From the announcement:

Hello from Soda Pop Miniatures!

We are happy to announce the next edition for Super Dungeon Explore, Forgotten King! This companion edition of Super Dungeon Explore uncovers a whole new realm of adventure with new rules, new tiles and gameplay components. Featuring fully assembled and beautifully sculpted miniatures from the Soda Pop Team. We are looking forward to this next chapter of Super Dungeon Explore and wanted to keep you in the loop.

  • The Beast Rampant

    Looks really cool, but I don’t understand why CMoN wants to butt their Kickstarters up so close together. I was considering Arcadia Quest, but I will likely jump ship for this one instead.

    • Soulfinger

      You switching from Arcadia Quest to this one would be exactly why Soda Pop is running their KS so close to CMoN’s one. Two different companies, if you recall.

      I was surprised to see that this looks more like a reboot or second edition — companion edition, as they call it — of SDE than the expansion that I had expected it to be.

    • ape2020

      CMoN isn’t involved in any with this KS. This is all Soda Pop Miniatures striking out on their own. It seem CMoN and SPM are splitting up and it so happens CMoN launched a competing chibi style fantasy game before SPM.

      Since I have a ton of Super Dungeon Explore already and this is going to be backwards compatible I know I’m in.

  • carypearson

    From my understand it is a reboot of the rules and addition of the Co Op rules.

    They had a survey of what customers wanted and the #1 thing was Co Op rules.

    The first edition rules were like any first edition rules….not great, lots of areas of conflict or uncertainty.

    They want to get new rules out there to fix those issues…

    It doesn’t hurt that Myth will be landing in the upcoming months, and that and Arcadia Quest are really going to cut into the same playerbase as SDE.

    I own SDE and I couldn’t wait for them to get me Co Op rules, so I got Myth.

    I am backing Arcadia Quest at the moment, but I may jump ship…or I may stay on the KS and then work out rules for those minis to be used in SDE.

    • Veritas

      I think Arcadia Quest is pretty much only going to be good for the minis. The game play video CMoN put up is incredibly bland.

      • joshuar56

        After watching the game play video, I think SPM can sleep easy at night. Being a good card game designer obviously doesn’t translate to being a good board game designer.