The Force Awakens Expansion Packs for X-Wing Now Available

Well, it’s Star Wars weekend already. I’ve had friends in both the UK and Brazil see the movie. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post any spoilers (and please, don’t post any, yourself). But if you haven’t been able to see the movie yet, or might not be able to soon, you can still get some The Force Awakens into your life via the X-wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. The 2-player starter has been available for a couple weeks now, but if you just want to get the individual ships, you can do that now, too.

As is custom for the packs, you get not just the ship and maneuver dial, but also a bunch of upgrades and special pilot cards that aren’t available elsewhere. You can see some of them above there. These packs are available now, so you can get them and make “whoosh!” noises while you wait in line to get into the movie.


  • Peat Moss

    damn damn……i’m a addict…..a miniature addict…..and FFG is not helping. I bought the starter set with the new x wing. I love the model….some cool new game mechanics…..really brings the x wing back into x wing…..the tie fighter..meh.
    dont get me wrong….i’m a imperial patriot. but these ties…will be nice shelf ornaments….will get a few more so their not lonely.

    The new x wings…..may need new half dozen…a wing to be feared

    did i say the x wing minis are awesome

  • BDUB

    FFG was supposed to release the Tie Carrier at the same time. Way to screw up mah pre-orders FFG?

  • Peat Moss

    yup….way to screw up
    heard or saw a thread of a dude in texas selling the tie carrier…..earlier in the week????… BS. miniature addicts on facebook……..and dirt cheap…….so tempting