Zombicide passes $2 million

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jul 25th, 2014

Zombicide made it up and over the $2 million mark. Check out the new John Kovalic guest box as well as another add-on, plus the new stretch goals.

Kovalic Guest Box


From the update:

With your help, the campaign has crossed the $2 Million mark, unlocking the Lost Zombivors box for all Infected and Patient 0 level backers!

Now how about another Optional Buy to help us blow right through this Stretch Goal and beyond?

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  • odinsgrandson

    Kovalic was an odd choice for extra heroes. Kind of neat, though. I wonder how the minis will look.

    • Ghool

      I assume they’ll look almost exactly like the artwork. The Tycho and Gabe figures that came with Kaosball were exact replicas of the 2D comic in 3D.

      They’ll probably look really good, although they might not fit very well in the Zombicide universe.

  • Necroloid

    Zombicide just jumped the zombi-sharkoctopus!!