The Doom Seeker Issue 6 released

Issue 6 coverIssue 6 of The Doom Seeker, a free Warhammer PDF fanzine PDF, is now available.

From their announcement:
Bilbo Baggins himself has just released his latest Warhammer Fantasy Battle Fanzine (with a little help from Ironlord and some other Battle Reporters)

The Doom Seeker (Issue #6 – Winter 2010) contains some very unique Warhammer Fantasy Battle content (reviews, stories and opinions) – delivered with suitably Sauron slaying attitude.

This issue contains an excellent review of the unofficial Kislev Warhammer Army by the designer himself.

And something completely different, a Gnoblar’s view on the Warhammer world. It’s a 38 page, 17meg pdf download and well worth a flick through.