The Dice Bag Project up on Kickstarter

The Dice Bag Project is a chain and scale mail campaign to make sure your dice are safe from your over-zealous sword-wielding adversaries.


From the campaign:

Here is a crazy idea how about a flat solid base for a dice bag? Well this idea is trying to become reality on Kickstarter and thats not all check out the colors of scales and rings to go with.

  • tuco

    Are we allowed to say “dragon scrotum” on here?

    • Soulfinger

      I’m not. You probably are.

      According to my projections, within eight months, chainmail dice bags, and their derivatives, will account for 33% of all KS projects. I would be interested to see a gamer make something with wire other than chainmail. In fact, that is the Soulfinger challenge: Launch a gaming KS using wire that does not, in any way shape or form, involve chainmail, and I will make it snow on your birthday.

      In this case though, I am glad it’s not a KS for an RPG book, because reading the “Risks and Challenges” is so painful that I can only assume the creator is not one of the 84.5% native English-speaking Saskatchewan residents.

      • Aww… You made me go read it. A very poor decision on my behalf. I had somehow envisioned being entertained and walking away with a slight smile, but I see my mistake now.

        Not carrying around dice much kind of disqualifies me as a reliable source, but I think rebranding this dice bag as a purse might attract some new blood to the project. Obviously it’s stylish for both men and women and will enhance your appearance by attaching it to your belt. The jingling sounds and colourful metal is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

        For the gutsy lads out there, you can wear it like a cod piece over your common cloth to protect your true valuables.

        For proper exhibitionist lads – you can just wear the bag.

        The ladies can use it for self defence purposes as it’s the perfect marriage of utility and practicality; We all know the average lady carries more stuff in her bag than should be physically possible and thus gives this Morningstar proxy weapon the much needed heft for that proper “THUDD” sound upon impact.

        Such an awesome multipurpose purse. In fact that should be it’s marketing name – “The multipurpose purse!”

      • Major_Gilbear

        I have a barbed wire KS that I’m in the process of cooking up, and in which you might be interested Soulfinger.

        Basically, it’s just like all the other model scenics barbed wire products out there, but I will be offering it at a greatly increased price, and the wire itself will be available in a variety of different metals.

        I suspect that as long as my over-enthusiastic and poorly-written project blurb explains how people’s lives are not complete without model barbed wire in brass, copper and titanium, it will reach my $50,000 initial funding goal in just one week.

        Also, I’ll be sure to post the upcoming announcement, launch announcement, and regular update announcements here on TTGN every day. If all goes to plan, I will launch more KS projects for the same thing, but with differing lengths of product in each KS bundle; I mean, nobody will ever get sick of buying this product will they?!

        I can practically smell the internet millions already! Oh, and the snow on my Birthday too – thanks! ;0)

        • Soulfinger

          You sir, have won snow on your birthday.

          • Soulfinger

            I should add, right after you eliminate any and all proper use of punctuation and insert an egregious number of spelling errors.