The D6G Podcast: Trademarks, Terrain and Gaming with the Blind

The latest episode of the D6 Generation podcast takes on the tricky subject of trademarks.

From their announcement:

Ep 49 is a big show: Trademark Law, gaming mods for the blind, painting tips, and how to build an old west building are all cramed togeather and somehow make sense. (we hope)

Up first: Tactica Trademark. Recently one of our sponsors came under fire for sending out C&D letters regarding their trademark. Since we actually have a lawyer on staff here at the D6G we thought it would be interesting to go through the ins and outs of Trademark and copyright protection for companies in our industry. Why do they do it, why should we care, and when should we call foul?

We also have Colen McAlister on from “Lone Wolf Development” to discuss the recent Internet flap over their C&D letters.

Later, Total Fan Girl interviews a physics student who came up with an innovative way to modify Settlers of Catan for sight impared players.

Finally, Craig takes control and gives us a bunch of great painting tips focusing on building terrain. He even gives step by step instructions on how to build a simple “old west” style building.