The Burning of Prospero Game Available From Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Oct 24th, 2016

Games Workshop has started taking orders for a new board game set during the days of the Horus Heresy. This time, we find the voracious Space Wolves against the magic and psycher-enhanced Thousand Sons. The battle for the 31st millennium heats up once more as the planet is bombarded, except for one area that’s been heavily shielded and must thus be attacked via a ground assault. Who will prevail in the Burning of Prospero?

The game includes six scenarios, creating a narrative story where the two factions are looking to complete certain objectives, either expelling the invaders or bringing whatever chaotic sorceries are afoot to an end. Like Betrayal at Calth, the models in the set are very highly customizable. There are extra heads and weapons that you can use to trick out your squads just how you like.


And if you want to add a bit more to your set, Forge World has released a model for Leman Russ, primarch of the Space Wolves. They have a deal over there where you can get Russ along with the box game, just as Games Workshop’s main site has all different variations of the set you can get with different extras.

Games Workshop Webshop
Forge World Webshop

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  • Davos Seaworth

    Gee-Dub really amping up their whole specialty boardgaming renaissance. Who needs Fantasy Flight?

    • Ghool

      If I want a game for less than $150-$300, then yeah, I pretty much need FFG.

      Those are ridiculous prices for what you get. But, I know board gamers aren’t the target demographic here, and the model prices alone seem to make this a worthwhile purchase.
      So long as you can get more than one use from the models.

      • Davos Seaworth

        Given the ANA price creep & FFG’s latest offerings, you might be surprised. Finding these GW boxed games for $100-$150 on eBay is pretty normal, and cheaper if you get them soon after release. Look at FFG’s forthcoming Rune Wars minis games and its $100 MSRP and you see the differences aren’t actually that big.

        Not to mention you rarely find a Kickstarter minis game for less than $100 pledge, and it becomes clear that game companies are creeping closer to GW every year.

        • Ghool

          True. But, GW’s rules are sorely lacking. While the components themselves are worth the price, the game inside is another matter entirely.

          For the almost equal price, I’d trust an FFG game to actually be fun to play over any of these new specialist games.

          • Lemminkaeinen

            Have you played Betrayal at Calth or do you just “know” these things? Because it really is a great game as a board game. It is a tight rules set that produces very intense games, has strategic depth to it and all in all works really well.

          • Well, everyone’s tastes in games is going to be different. I did play Betrayal and just found it “alright.” I’ve got my set (fully magnetized, even) and I’ve not played it since I did back for the review I wrote. Again, not that it was a bad game, but it’s nothing that I’ve ever felt like getting back out.

          • Ghool

            My LGS always gets full copies for demo and review of every new GW game. I’ve gone through them all, and given them a go. So, yes, I’ve played them and found them to be ‘OK.’ Worth $180 – 300 CDN? Ok, is not enough for me to spend that kind of money.

            Not one has made me want to pay that price, simply because none of them feel like a game I would want to pull out on regular occasions.

            And I want to buy these games – they’re beautiful, and they’ve taken the production to the mountain. I just wish that much effort was put into the rules as the visual design and look.

          • odinsgrandson

            I haven’t played them all, but it looks to me like the majority of them are for people who want the minis for 40k (or 30k as it were). Some more than others, of course.

            I was wondering about Warhammer Quest- Is it strong enough to stand up against all of the other great dungeon crawlers on the market?

          • Ghool

            Again, it’s ‘OK.’
            If you’re looking for something akin to the WHQ, the new one is not it. It evokes the same sort of feeling from the one-off adventures from the original.
            But, it completely lacks any sort of campaign system, or character progression found in the original. For the price tag (and what I’ve found with all of these specialist games) they are worth it for the models. But only if you have a use for said models outside of the game itself.

            There are much better dungeon crawls out there with lavish production and better game play. I still haven’t found one that satisfies the dungeon crawl campaign itch in just the right way though.

          • odinsgrandson

            Hey, Ghool- I’ve played quite a few of the dungeon crawlers on the current market. Maybe I could give you a recommendation.

            What are you looking for in a dungeon crawler to scratch that itch?

          • Ghool

            I’ll tell you what I have tried, and what has and hasn’t appealed so far and why.

            Descent – Overlord (bleh) and overly complicated/long.

            Myth – overly complex, lacking ‘real’ progression/campaign. Closest hit so far.

            Dungeonquest – one-off, and player elimination.

            Conan – no campaign, Overlord. Has the right amount of complexity.

            WHQ – lack of progression, lackluster rules – almost too simple. Splash release. ie. no expansions planned.

            Shadows of Brimstone – while this is the closest thing to what I’m seeking, the theme is ‘meh’, and the models are….lacking.

            Massive Darkness – it looks to be the most promising. I’m still trying to convince myself I want to spend that much money on the KS. Just the essentials is almost $200US….which is a LOT in CAD….

            There have been many, many others I have tried and looked at. But, nothing seems to be short enough to play in 2 hours, has a campaign/levelling system, and isn’t overly cumbersome or complex. I need to be able to play with my kids, and long, cumbersome games get shelved……at least for a few more years.

          • odinsgrandson

            From your previous comments, I was thinking Shadows of Brimstone would be the one I’d tell you to check out- but since you’re a painter,.. well, yeah.

            I wonder if Undercity is overly complex for you. Mostly, the game has a higher learning curve than it ought, but it isn’t bad once you’ve learned the rules.

            Character progression is all about learning new abilities (not much gear).

            The trouble it has is that it doesn’t come with a lot of heroes or tons of missions (there’s one campaign in the core box, and that’s it). There’s an expansion with four extra heroes, which adds a ton to the game.

          • odinsgrandson

            There are a lot of promising ones from various Kickstarters right now.

            Is Darklight: Momento Mori too dark a theme for you and your kids?

            One you’ll probably like is Siege of the Citadel (I played the original, and it worked really well for its era- the updates look really promising).

            Another one that you should keep an eye on is Super Dungeon Legends. They’re getting rid of player elimination for one thing- so if you like chibi minis, keep an eye on the updates.

            But enough with the undelivered kickstarter stuff.

          • Ghool

            I forgot about Undercity, and I’ve checked it out. I’m not 100% on it though, as it seems to lack the ‘Kill Monsters, and Take Their Stuff’ vibe.

            Memenot Mori, and KD:M are both a bit dark for my kids. My son had nightmares from the Warcraft movie. 😛

          • odinsgrandson

            Yes- in Undercity you don’t gain loot from the guys you kill- so it is definitely missing that aspect. In fact, you almost never gain items- the leveling up is done via new skills bought with xp.

            I’m thinking the ideal dungeon crawler for you isn’t out yet. So just keep an eye on the kickstarters (Massive Darkness and the ones I mentioned).

          • Peat Moss

            found the westcoast wizard D&D board games my kids caught on to very quick….they like the Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game and Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game
            we did some minor tweaks…..they loved the next tile holds a chillin monster or treasure.
            soon the will be ready for RPGing

            waiting for Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game…..

            i really thing i have some real good future tabletop gamers

          • odinsgrandson

            Hey, Ghool- there’s a new Shadows of Brimstone set on Kickstarter.

            It has a feudal Japanese theme on it instead of the old west- so if that’s a setting you’re interested in, this one might be right for you.

            I can tell you that the minis have improved a lot since the first few sets of them- they aren’t up there with the top of the market (I’d give that to Kingdom Death, Journey: Wrath of Daemons or Blood Rage). Have a gander and decide how you like them.

            It looks like you can combine it with any of the Shadows of Brimstone stuff you feel like, and I’m sure they’ll continue to make Japan-appropriate expansions (and some of their expansions already could fit in with the setting).

  • Chad_Caughmann

    Are these recent GW miniature games basically just re-themed versions of Space Hulk, or are they significantly different?

    • Davos Seaworth

      They are typically squad-based skirmish games. Betrayal At Calth was maybe the best of the lot. Deathwatch Overkill had the asymmetrical Space Hulk thing going, but it was good too. Assassinorum Execution Force was a little lame IMHO.

      If the “new” GW specialty boardgame products have a weakness it’s that they tend to be expensive for what you get. Especially the lack of scenarios. But GW know their 40k/30k player base are buying them mostly for the models, and the actual game is secondary for them. Boardgamers will have a different opinion.

      • DB

        Hopefully there are more tiles than are shown on the first picture, or it’s just an add-on to what amounts to a figure pack.