The Book of Passion Up On Kickstarter

Oh I wonder, wonder who, badooooo *bass-drum*, who wrote the book of love?
Well, in terms of The Book of Passion, a new OGL sourcebook that’s up on Kickstarter, that would be Christina Stiles. We might be a couple days removed from Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason you can’t get some intimacy into your fantasy games.

From the campaign:

The Book of Passion, by authors Will Wells and Margherita Tramontano, adds role-playing rules for love and sex to your OGL 3.75 campaign. Long-time game designer/editor/developer, Christina Stiles, will publish the book via Misfit Studios. The 208-page book will reflect the most recently available 3.75 classes from the rule set’s main publisher, if stretch goals are met.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It’s set to go for another 27 days.


  • DB

    Another brave group of adv…er, authors, making the plunge into the hazardous morass of sexuality and role-playing games.
    Watch! as they navigate the lines between squick and realism!
    Marvel! as they tip-toe through the minefield of sexual rituals and the sacrifice of deflowered virgins!
    Shake your head! as they introduce the +1 Piercing of Favorable Impregnations!
    Shake your dice! as you roll on the Random Pregnancy Tables for the first time, hoping you won’t critically fail the roll and end up with a demon-possessed baby!
    Facepalm! as the book starts out like a serious treatment of Crowley and turns into a joke from Oglaf.

    Seriously, though, I guess someone’s bound to do a book every few years, because there’s apparently a market for it, but it’s a difficult subject to navigate. You have to be earnest, not-too-shy, and gently handle certain subjects. RPGs are usually about violence in one shape or form, whether it’s dungeon crawlers, Heartbreakers, Noir detective stories, or horror. Combining sex with violence is a land mine.