The Baby Bestiary Kickstarter up and running

The Baby Bestiary shows a more cuddly side to the horrific monsters we PCs tend to fight as we make our way through our RPG sessions.


From the campaign:

To hunt, kill, and loot each of these cute critters!!… could do that…but I’m sure you would have some very very upset players.
This project is to truly show off some cute adorable critters that are often left outside of the encounter tables. Featuring postcards, a calendar, prints and the baby bestiary book that details how to deal with that partuclar baby beast in the event you are stuck with, or happen to run into one.

  • Soulfinger

    That’s really cute. A far cry from the old, genocidal days of 1st ed. AD&D when it was okay to kill monster babies because they were evil.

  • KelRiever

    Nobody’s turning aside the 4 xp you get for killing baby monsters! Though the 4 copper pieces you get from searching its stomach, those you can keep. After the search.

    • Soulfinger

      No wonder there was such controversy back then. Do I get xp for cooking this meal? No. Do I get it for weaving this basket? No. Do I get it for killing an evil baby? Yup! 4 xp to you, sir. Woohoo!