The Army Painter focuses on 40K

The Army Painter is spending the next few months talking about painting 40K armies.

Ork Boyz Mob

From their announcement:

Over the course of the winter The Army Painter will be celebrating all that is 40K; showing off loads of gamers armies and how the armies were painted to a fantastic tabletop standard in next to no time.

First up; with a new gallery each week on The Army Painter website throughout November, we will take you through the steps of this massive army project: 5000 pts of Space Orks painted in 48 hours – the 2 first galleries are uploaded now.

November might be all about Orks, but December will be even more Green… Colour Primer Angel Green, that is.

Throughout December we take a look at the how to use of the new Angel Green spray that is available in January 2011.
To view galleries go to