The Ancible Issue 6 available for download

The Ancible Issue 6 coverA new issue of The Ancible is now available for download.

From their announcement:
The Ancible Issue 6 is now available for Download.

It has been 12 months since we started this journey and a lot has happened. From starting out all enthusiastic about having a new magazine it became quite clear that the gaming community did not have an appetite for another printed magazine.

After a lot of thought and consideration we decided that we would keep the magazine alive and move to a more affordable type of media, i.e. PDF. This has not been the meteoric rise to distribution heaven that we had hoped, though the numbers are growing steadily. As we strive to move the business forward we try and tweak the product to make it more of what you, the gamers, want but there is obviously something that we are not doing right.

We need you guys to hit the download button and to engage with the team through the forum. Tell us what you want and we will try and oblige.

So as our way of saying thanks for all the support over the last year Issue 6 will be available at no charge.